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   Next meeting:

April 7, 2019 - location Timber Tavern

Youth Meeting 10:45

Amateur to follow

General Membership & Show Committee to follow


     Remember to nominate for year end awards by filling out this form and 
       sending it with a check to the address on the form. Nomination Form

     Out of State Exhibitors must also fill out an Out of State Membership Form



As of January 1, 2019, PHBA Rule #3113 became effective which changed the scale for points only when there is just two horses shown. Now one (1) point is earned for any class of two (2) horses shown. The rest of Rule #3113 remains the same. This rule change should help grow the APA shows where it has been difficult to get points. For example, the Palomino Bred classes. 


There are many PHBA members or owners of Palominos and Palomino Bred that are unaware of this change. After you have read this email, I ask that you forward the message to as many owners or trainers of Palomino and or Palomino Bred you know.